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MSB is the very first community that will connect the virtual world of NFTs with the real world of football. Indeed, each NFT will be inspired by a football team and provide weekly rewards. MSB is an invite-only community.

When you join the MSB community, you will be given a unique code belonging to the person who referred you, and when you sign up, you will get your own unique code to share with others. By introducing others with your code, our smart contract will track referrals and you will be paid on the people you refer when they buy one or more NFT.

Ultra Select Community; Each MSB holder will be listed in an ultra select group.

The group will be lively and offer challenges, competitions, exclusive prizes and maximum adrenaline sharing.Why have an NFT Mini Soccer Boy?

Today, many collections are created without any long term use, MSB will be a real opportunity to get a foot in the NFT world, and generate profits.... Without having to sell your "work"!

Each NFT will generate an automatic capital gain depending on the performance of the football team.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will probably compare MSB with other NFT collections or products on the market, but our project is different because it will be connected to the real world and therefore the NFT will ALWAYS increase in value depending on the sports performance of your team.
There is no need for betting, bank roll management or even risky investments.
Le monde du Paris Sportifs est tellement une niche financière importante que les NFT MSB seront toujours performants et sans risque que le buzz du NFT ne s’estompe.Grâce à des accords avec plusieurs Bookmakers, MSB pourra récompenser les détenteurs de NFT.Chaque semaine, des événements sportifs ont lieu et le concept des MSB est de récompenser chaque NFT de 0,25 Solana lors de chaque But inscrit par l’équipe de football toutes compétitions confondues.

If you own an NFT Barsa boy, which will be based on the FC Barcelona football team, each goal scored by the team will earn you 0.25 SOL.

For example, in February 2022, FC Barcelona scored 19 goals and would have increased your NFT by 19%.

When purchasing an MSB NFT, the commitment to the community is that every month, and for a period of 5 days, you will have the opportunity to claim your capital gains from the previous period. The return is paid directly via a smart contract. 

We have several sources of rewards

First of all, the MSBs will be paid on the volume of transactions at a rate of 1%.

Secondly, a team of 5 professional bettors with respectable monthly balance sheets and optimal management will make the bets on the goals without taking any risk capital.

Finally, our future application will allow you to follow your MsB(s) and to be paid on the data (to come).

You wish to diversify your investments but without taking excessive risks 

NFTs remain a mystery to you to this day.

MSBs are there to give you a first successful experience 

Indeed, they will have a certain added value thanks to the rewards and you will thus be able to withdraw advantages from it. Even without reselling it, unlike a traditional NfT which must be sold in order to collect a capital gain.

MsBs will be linked to the real world by being inspired by football teams.

For each goal scored by your team, your NfT will earn a reward of 0.25 Solana.

If FC Barcelona scored 18 goals during the month of March in all competitions except friendlies, then at the beginning of April you will earn 18% interest on your initial investment through CLAIM.

Working in partnership with a number of bookmakers and a team of professional punters, the rewards will be generated through the volume of bets in relation to the NFTs. And it doesn't stop there....

We have decided to offer the opportunity to each holder to perfect their strategies. Indeed, the NFTs will be random and therefore inevitably the attraction of the TOP Team will be present. The team will then be "burned" and the owner will enjoy his new NFT with exclusive advantages.

This opens up a secondary market for capital gains, but also an existing exchange/sharing within the community 

Quite simply your reward is zero but even the worst team in football (which is in Brazil) managed to score 25 goals over the year, which is an average of 2% per month.

The team will follow the most prolific football teams and obviously the bets will be adjusted to always come out over 3% per game. 


FC Barcelona scores very often so the team will always bet on Barcelona +0.5 goals

The odds will always be between 1.02 and 1.20 when it is away.

This means that our bet will be 2% maximum, this would mean that Barcelona must not score for 50 games to be in loss, so a whole championship without scoring a goal.....

With the adjustment of the bets, we will obviously lose when a team doesn't score a goal but the whole 500 bets will obviously be above 1%.

For example, a favourite playing a low-ranked team, the odds of +0.5 goals can be as high as 1.50, which means that one pass can cover 50 losses.

And it is not uncommon to see the favourites taking a goal. It remains the concept of football to score 1 goal.

Yes, you are free to resell your MsB at the price of your choice on platforms such as Opensea or Solanart

Our community will have challenges, contests that will push some people to collect several NfTs, the concept of the Panini album where we exchanged our cards to fill our album.

No, the Mint will be random and so the chances of getting an NFT from a top team or other remain the same.

Also for the rare NFTs who will be the Team Captains.

At the beginning of the month, you will have a period of 5 days to recover (claim) your interests in one click by going to the address of your backend which will be communicated to you at the time of activation.
After 5 days, the interest will be lost and will go into a fund that will be used to promote the hype of the collection, challenges for the community, exclusive events etc.

MSBs will bring you rewards but also challenges or competitions to boost or make your NFTs more profitable 

The road map will be detailed with our ambitions and objectives, the doors of the metaverse will also be opened with our MSB

Indeed, this question always comes back and in a legitimate way, but we announced the same fears for the cryptocurrency and even Internet, to see the successes, the nft will remain a form of art, and the art even the oldest are still there today or in museums. 

Moreover, our evolving NFT is inspired by the real world and as long as there is sport, our MSB will be attractive.

It is NOT a Ponzi scheme, as we do not use funds from new NFT buyers to pay old ones.
Our teams know how to create value and make the funds from the NFT issue grow to ensure a sustainable remuneration scheme (of at least 2 years)

It is NOT a pyramid scheme, seniority is not a factor nor the number of people you could sponsor: the remuneration of your NFT depends only on the number of goals scored by the team your NFT is based on.

Sponsorship is not necessary in any case.

doubts on how to install a SOLANA wallet?

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